Xi Rack
Wide wine range on limited space

Xi Rack: Wine presentation & wine storage on limited space

Unique advantages of

the internationally patented

Xi System: 

•   Perfect tilt angle for all bottles:
        °    Moistened cork at any time, air bubble in the bottle shoulder >>
              Long-term storage without loss of quality
        °    Wine dregs accumulated in the bottom corner >>
             Easy to decant without waiting
•   Perfect overview: View on the labels to avoid extensive searching, Simple stocktaking
•   Efficient use: Up to 156 bottles of storage capacity per Xi Rack 12 with direct
    access to the last bottle (maximum capacity 208 bottles in the Xi Rack
    16 - removal one bottle left, one right)Universal system: suitable for 99 % of all bottle
    types & sizes (until 6 litres)
•   Modular principal: adjustable and expandable according to (changing) needs;
    flexible, combinable accessories
•   European high-quality product: Austrian invention, European production,
    dampproof product: Ideally suited for moist cellar rooms through galvanized
    and powder coated steel 

Technical details, Construction

    Based on Xi Counter:
        °    Xi Counter: BasicW 610 x D 580 x H 1090 mm /
              W 24.02” x D 22.83” x H 42.91
              (plus adjustable foot 20mm / 0.79”)
        °    Xi Counter: ExtensionW 580 x D 580 x H1090 mm /
              W 22.83” x D 22.83” x H 42.91”
              (plus adjustable foot 20mm / 0.79”)
    °    Xi Top: On top construction on Xi Counter - basic and extension,
          H 717mm / 28.23”= total 1807mm / 71.14
          (plus adjustable foot 20mm / 0.79”)
    Standard configuration: 8 Xi levels á 13 bottles = 104 bottles
    Max. capacity 16 Xi levels = 208 bottles (removal one left, one right)
    As Xi Tower up to 3958 mm / 155.82” height
    Height-adjustable feet
    Easy, tool-free assembling
    Optional integrated LED lighting available

Model variants

Set up your Xi Rack individually -
Find the right accessories

Xi level

For up to 13 x 0.75 L bottles or
9 x 1.5 L bottles, not extendable

Xi level short bottles

For up to 13 short bottles up to 260mm,
not extendable

Xi Cuvee drawer

For up to 13 x 0,75L bottles or
9 x 1.5 L bottles

Xi Gusto drawer

For up to 13 x 0.75 L or
9 x 1.5 L open bottles

Drawer rotated 90°

Drawer Xi Gusto / Cuvee turned 90°,
frontal presentation (special slidings)

Xi DoubleM drawer

For 4 long or double magnumsor
3 Imperial (6 liters)

Xi Stock drawer

Storage basket for up to 36 x 0.75 Lbottles

Xi Select drawer

For cartons, wooden boxes and wine accessories, not extandable

Xi Etagere fixed shelf

For cartons, wooden boxes and wine accessories, not extandable

Video product presentation Xi Rack:


References wine racks and wine rooms / wine walls