Xi Presenter
 Modulare wine presentation in focus

Xi Presenter:  Perfectly shaped, stylish, efficient

Xi Presenter

The sophisticated modular construction system allows you to build your own customized rack according to your needs. The Xi Presenter can easily be fixed on the ground and the wall or ceiling by two flanking aluminum brackets. Due to different tube length and adjustable mounting material the rack can be adjusted to any ceiling height. Furthermore, it is also possible to install one rack right to the next so that (with the possibility of customized widths) you may configurate your own individual wine wall.

Technical details

     Bottle layer “Front Gallery”: Wine bottles are presented     
       from the front in the optimal Xi angle; with a wet cork at            any time, the air bubble on smallest space in the bottle     
       shoulder and the wine dregs accumulated in the bottom            corner. Per layer up to 9 bottles á 0.75 liters or 6 bottles x        1.5 liters can be presented.
     Bottle layer “Side Gallery”: Wine bottles are presented
       horizontally from the side. In the width, maximum 2     
       bottles (0.75 or 1.5 L.) can be stored; in the depth     
       maximum 3 per layer.
     Bottle layer “U-Shelf”: Bigger quantities of lying/standing         bottles and accessories can be stored.
     Bottle layer “Shelf & glass suspender”: Fixed shelf made            of wood where glasses might be hanged up below and     
       the upper side might be used as shelf.
     Wooden parts are made of oak; aluminum        parts anodized or powder coated in anthracite DB703.
     Per Xi Presenter up to 160 bottles can be presented
     The Xi Presenter is used mainly in wine cellars, wine walls
       and wine cooling rooms
    Optional integrated LED lighting available

Model variants

Video product presentation Xi Presenter: