Xi Cool Premium: The silent, temperature-controlled vendor

Model variants

Unique advantages of

the internationally patented

Xi System:

•   Perfect, adjustable tilt angle for all bottles:
     - Moistened cork at any time, air bubble in the bottle shoulder >> Long-term storage without
        loss of quality
     - Wine dregs accumulated in the bottom corner >> Easy to decant without waiting
•   Perfect overview: View on the labels to avoid extensive searching, Simple stocktaking

•   Efficiency: In sample size, according to illustration up to 156 bottles of storage capacity
    per door - direct access to the last bottle (maximum capacity 182 bottles - removal
    in the zipper system, one bottle left, one right)
•   Universal system: suitable for 99% of all bottle types & sizes (until 6 litres)
•   Modular principal: adjustable and expandable accoring to (changing) needs; flexible
    combinable accessories

        Unique combination

        Xi Cool Premium combines both, an attractive presentation and promotion of the whole wine range as well as the perfect drinking temperature & climate and with this professional wine service. Specially developed for gastronomy – the whole wine menu on one sight. Customers report 20-30% higher wine turnover due to Xi Cool Premium.

        • 1-, 2- and 3-door modules, custom-made individual piece production (delivery time about 6 weeks), inside and outside dimensions as well as refrigerant gas according to customer requirements, version in RAL powder-coated possible

        • Available with interface to a centralized cooling device or as plug in solution

        • Efficient 450 W cooling system, developed for commercial use

        • Standard in stainless steel, door with chromium-nickel-steel bordering and magnetic catch 

        • Door, side and back wall made of insulation glass U 1.1. or optionally in stainless steell

        • One climate zone per door (separate adjustable), temperature range +4 to +18°C 

        • Doors lockable and door stop choosable left/right

        • 4 standing LED light pillars / door, UV-free cold light, dimmable through remote control (optional RGB colors)

        • Optimal air circulation through Xi System

        •  Standard configuration: 12 Xi levels á 13 bottles = 156 bottles (maximum is 182 bottles), Optional: Drawers Xi Cuvee, Xi Gusto, Xi DoubleM, Xi Stock, Xi Select and fixed shelf Xi Etagere

        • German quality product, 2 years warranty, DIN EN ISO 9001 certified

        Technical details / structure

        • Fins evaporator with air integrated in the ceiling, stainless stell expansion valve R 290 (brass housing, stainless steel diaphragm head), 2 fans, each 2W/24V DC, including DC power supply

        • Electronic temperature control, alert function, main switch and additional switch for free use, automatic defroster, ST-BUS-interface, sensor controlled

        • Cooling capacity 467 W per door on VT -10°C at max. 25°C surrounding temperature

        • Voltage 230V/50Hz/16A, Typ 31, Speed controller for regulation of the blowers as an option. Optionally condenser instead of blowers available (3 sides glasses)

        • Cryogen R 290 (extremely flammable A3 refrigerant. Take care on regulations and warnings!), Alternative possible

        • Plug in ready unit 467 Watt, current consumption 2.5A, sound pressure level 42 dBa

        • Climatic class 3: 25°C/60% relative humidity, temperature class M2 +7°C to -1°C. Test requirements acc. to DIN EN ISO 23953-2

        • With interface to a central cooling device: evaporation pressure regulator VT-10°C, defrost drain provided by the customer

        • Energy consumption:

          • Red wine temperature 16°C: 3,13 kWh / 24h

          • Whit wine temperature 6°C: 4,84 kWh / 24 h

        • Specifications vary depending on the volume, choice of unit / inner workings / control / evaporator

        Set up your Xi Cool Premium wine climate cabinet individually -

        Find the right accessories

        Xi level

        For up to 13 x 0.75 L bottles or
        9 x 1.5 L bottles, not extendable

        Xi level short bottles

        For up to 13 short bottles up to 260mm,
        not extendable

        Xi Cuvee drawer

        For up to 13 x 0,75L bottles or
        9 x 1.5 L bottles

        Xi Gusto drawer

        For up to 13 x 0.75 L or
        9 x 1.5 L open bottles

        Drawer rotated 90°

        Drawer Xi Gusto / Cuvee turned 90 °,
        frontal presentation (special slidings)

        Xi DoubleM drawer

        For 4 long or double magnums
        or 3 Imperial (6 liters)

        Xi Stock drawer

        Storage basket for up to 36 x 0.75 L bottles

        Xi Select drawer

        For cartons, wooden boxes and wine accessories,
        not extandable

        Xi Etagere fixed shelf

        For cartons, wooden boxes and wine accessories,
        not extandable

        Video product presentation Xi Cool Premium:


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