Xi Cool Basic: The new generation of wine climate cabinets


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Unique advantages of the

internationally patented

Xi System: 

  • Optimal tilt angle for all bottles: Moistened cork at any time, air bubble in the bottle shoulder, wine dregs accumulated in the bottom corner

  • Perfekt overview: View on the labels to avoid extensive searching

  • Efficiency: Up to 170 direct accissible bottles plus 40 bottles bulk storage

  • Universal system: 99% suitable for 99% of all bottle types & sizes (until 6 litres)

Unique combination

High-quality wines have to mature. However, there are several important aspects to be considered. The wine should be protected from sunlight and stored under constant temperature between 10° to 12°C and a humidity of over 50 %. Vibrations should be avoided. To protect wine against/from oxidation, it should be stored horizontal, so that the cork is always moist, and no additional oxygen might get into the bottle. The air bubble in the bottle should be kept at the smallest space to reduce the contact with oxygen to a minimum. Xi Cool Basic, the new generation of wine climate cabinets, has been developed to consider all these requirements for an optimal wine storage. Equipped with UV resistant insulation glass and one individual temperature zone the Xi Cool Basic guarantees optimal user comfort. With the constant humidity of over 50 % and the included fresh-air active carbon filter the wine matures perfectly. The specially developed, low-vibration compressors ensure an ideal storage. Equipped with the patented interior of Xi Cool Basic an extraordinary wine climate cabinet has been created to meet the high expectations of any wine lover.

Technical details / structure

   1 temperature zone adjustable between +5 - +20°C
   Digital LCD control inside
   Air circulation cooling, fresh air supply through activated carbon filter
   Humidity regulation (>50%), additional ventilation
   LED interior lightning, permanently activatable / dimmable
   Optical and acoustical warning signals in case of failure
   Product dimensions:
    Modell 1: Stainless steel or Terra Red:
    H1650 x B700 x T742 mm, 87 kg
    H 64.96‘‘ x W 27.55‘‘ x D 29.21‘‘, 87 kg
    Gross volume 478 liters / Net capacity 435 liters
    Up to 8 bottle rests a 13 bottles plus 40 bottles
    mass storage = 144 bottles
    Modell 2: Terra Red
    H1920 x B700 x T742 mm, 99 kg
    H 75.59‘‘ x W 27.55‘‘ x D 29.21‘‘, 87 kg
    Gross volume 573 liters / Net capacity 525 liters
    Up to 10 bottle rests a 13 bottles plus 40 bottles
    mass storage = 170 bottles
   Body material: stainless steel, foliation in colour possible
   Door: UV resistant, metallized insulation glass (tainted),
    stainless steel frame, lockable
   Door closed with SoftSystem closing damption
   Solid Aluminium handle
   Door hinge right (reversible)
   Magnetic door seal (exchangeable)
   Hidden door hinge with opening limit
   Freestanding or to build into the wall (with bar spacer + 35 mm / 1.38”)
   Automatic defroster incl. condensation water vaporizer
   Energy efficiency class model 1: F, model 2: G
    Energy consumption per year model 1: 117 kWh, model 2: 147 kWh
   Climatic class: SN/ST
   Voltage 220 – 240V ~/1.0A, Frequency 50Hz
   Noise level model 1: 38 dB(A), model 2: 39 dB(A)
   High quality product made by Liebherr

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