The patented X-idea ("Xi")

Wine storage: simple and genious

"Xi" - the X idea: patented wine storage

with crossed bottlenecks

An idea revolutionises

the wine world

The story of Xi Wine Systems starts with a large wine collection and a too small wine cellar. The wine connoisseur ingenious solution: wine storage with crossed bottlenecks. The X-idea ("Xi") was founded. With Xi, wine enjoyment begins with the storage.

Unique advantages of

the internationally patented

Xi system: 

•   Perfect, adjustable tilt angle for all bottles:
    °   Moistened cork at any time, air bubble in the bottle shoulder >>
    °   Long-term storage without loss of quality
    °   Wine dregs accumulated in the bottom corner >> Easy to decant without waiting

•   Perfect overview: View on the labels to avoid extensive searching

•   Efficiency: 
    °   Biggest storage capacity of all systems on the market
    °   Direct access up to the last bottle
    °   Simple stocktaking

•   Universal system: suitable for 99 % of all bottle types & sizes (until 6 litres)
•   Modular principal: adjustable and expandable according to (changing) needs;
    flexible, combinable accessories
•   European high-quality product: Austrian invention, European production, dampproof product:     Ideally suited for moist cellar rooms through galvanized and powder coated steel

For 99% of all bottle

types and sizes

Normal wine racks or wine climate cabinets are designed for Bordeaux bottles. With Xi wine systems 99% of all bottle types and sizes are storeable.

No matter what bottle shape, nothing moves, nothing tips over:
•  Bordeaux- and Burgundy bottles
•  BocksbeutelRiesling bottles
•  Sparkling wine bottles
•  Half-bottles (0,375L)
•  Magnum-bottles (1,5L)
•  Double-magnum-bottles (3L)
•  Imperiale (6L)
•  with Xi Grand up to Melchisedech  (30 L)

Five systems - Perfect wine enjoyment

The solutions of Xi - Rack, Cool, Presenter, Shop and Grand - present your wine at its best: clear, space efficient, professional. Experience large storage capacity on smallest space - with clear view on the label and easy access. From the Bordeaux bottle to the 30 liter bottle, all different wine bottles find their place in an optimal inclination.

The X-idea is based on a holistic wine concept: 360 °. The sophisticated Xi systems are the link between professional wine growing and optimum wine enjoyment. Fascinated by the idea, it was internationally patented. Since thenXi wine systems stands as a synonym for clever solutions around wine storage, wine presentation and wine climatisation.

Whether for the private wine cellar, the gastronomy, the wine shop or the wine trade - wine connoisseurs choose Xi. Because the true wine connoisseur can be recognised by how he cultivates his wines.

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