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Wine climate units: Wine storage as fine wine deserve

Wine is one of the few living foods and beverages that requires a maturation and storage process to develop fully. Wines age differently due to their different conditions. If you consider a few factors, you can significantly increase the enjoyment of wine. Because one thing is clear, properly stored wines last longer and mature better.

To guarantee the best storage for your wine, two components are important: the right angle of inclination of bottles and the combination of the optimal temperature and the optimal humidity.

The optimal temperature

Too high or too low temperatures, and above all temperature fluctuations, affect the fine wines and they become inedible. Basically: Wines feel most comfortable at a storage temperature of 12-15 ° C. This applies to both red and white wines.
If the temperature is too low, the biological and chemical reactions take place more slowly, which delays the ripening process and when the tartaric acid fails, crystals are formed on the bottom of the bottle.
Temperatures above 15 ° C lead to the volatilization of part of the carbon dioxide and the aromas in the wine. The aging process of the wine takes place faster. An oxidative note arises in the taste and the drinking pleasure is impaired.

Optimal storage temperature 12 - 15° C

The optimal humidity

If the wines are to be stored for several years, the wine room should have a humidity of 50 to 65%.
What happens if the humidity is too high? Labels peel off, wooden boxes go moldy and mold can attack the cork and make the wine inedible. If the humidity is below 40% corks can dry out and become leaky. Air and thus oxygen penetrate the bottle. The wine oxidizes, turns golden brown and takes on the famous sherry or firn tone and finally "breaks".

Optimal humidity 50 - 65 %

The suitable wine climate control device in your wine room, wine cabinet or wine cellar ensures a perfect and above all constant ideal temperature and humidity.The multitude of different systems allow an individual adaptation to your premises to create the optimal conditions for your wine. The wine air conditioning units are perfectly integrated into the wine room and, depending on the device, impress with their remarkable silence and their simple, modern appearance.

The different systems have some things in common:
- Control both temperature and humidity with precision
- Top design and highest quality
- Very quiet operation
- Depending on the device, air conditioning and air humidification up to 240 m³
- Easy installation
- Highest level of expertise and knowledge gained over many years in product development
- International consistency of manufacturers

Convince yourself on the numerous possibilities and advantages of the wine conditioning devices.

We would be happy to advise you on the planning and implementation of your wine cellar.

Wallmounted systems

The cooling systems are available in different sizes, for cellars up to
25 m³ with a modern design to match the unique style of today's wine cellars. Perfect for small basements or rooms. These devices are also available as a split version.

Ducted systems   

Completely self-contained, ducted systems are among the most versatile cooling systems on the market. Their design allows for easy installation and maintenance in both commercial and residential settings while providing optimal temperature and humidity control. Also available as split units.

Split systems        

Completely independent split systems, which are among the most versatile cooling systems on the market The design allows easy installation and maintenance in both commercial and residential environments and provides optimum temperature and humidity control. The outdoor unit is installed in the garage or outdoors and is connected to the indoor unit via a cooling pipe. The indoor unit is installed in the wine cellar.


High-Ambient Option Wine Guardian freestanding humidifier can be used with any wine cellar air conditioning system, while the integrated version can only be mounted to a Wine Guardian system. Both  types are designed to increase humidity levels in commercial or residential wine cellars.

Controls and sensors

Wine Guardian combination termostat/humidistat and monitor controls the Wine Guardian placed inside or outside the wine room with the use of a remote sensor. Sense temperature and humidity up to three remote locations within the wine cellar. Ideal for large rooms, multiple rooms being controlled by one Wine Guardian unit, or averaging across high, medium, and low cellar locations.

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