WineMaster WineC50SR

WineMaster WineC50SR

The Wine C50SR model belongs to our family of inbuilt solutions. It is installed in an outer partition wall and will turn any properly insulated room into a real wine cellar. What a joy to buy wines and watch them age.

The advantages of this air conditioner:

- Keeps cellars at a constant temperature of between 8 and 18 °C

- Humidity control: excess humidity is condensed and evacuated towards the outside

- Rubber shock absorbers are incorporated, creating an anti-vibration system

- Dimensions that make the product able to adapt to different rooms (store room, attic...)

- Controlled power consumption thanks to the reaction turbine on the condenser side

- Economical operation enables up to 30% more energy savings compared to Standard cooling devices

- Warm-up function

- Easy to install, provided with a wooden frame

- Easy upkeep: just a filter that needs to be changed once a year

- 2 rotation speed settings for the cellar-side fan

- The fan is equipped with «Energy Saver Motor» technology

- Operates silently thanks to the use of new materials

- Wines are protected from excessive light thanks to an integrated night light

- Equipped with a heating belt that provides protection in the event of difficult weather conditions (such as winter)

- Specially designed for very cold areas, this air condition should be embedded into an outside al

- Measurements device: L/D 590 x W 552 x H 530 mm, 45 kg

Please Note:

When building an air-conditioned wine room, all walls, floors and ceilings must be insulated with at least 8 cm insulation on the inside including a vapor barrier. Glazing to the living area should be made with two panes of insulating glass and glazing to the outside area with 3 panes of insulating glass. We recommend air conditioning to a maximum of 12-14 °C, because at lower temperatures, heat and cold bridges and other thermal conditions lead to massive additional costs (formation of condensation). We would be happy to advise you!

Abmessungen: (H/B/T) 530 mm / 552 mm / 590 mm
Gewicht: 45.0 kg

    In General

  • Total capacity
  • Technic

  • Watt
  • Voltage/Frequency
  • Refrigerant
  • Noise level (dB)
  • Air circulation inside (cooling)
  • Air circulation outside (warm side)
  • Heating resistor
  • Heated belt
  • Others

  • Max. outside temperatur

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