Xi Decanter
The elegant decanting aid for big bottles

Xi Decanter: Elegant decanting for big bottles, 3 up to 30 litres

Technical details, construction

    For all bottle types and sizes 5 to 30 litres through
    adjustable tilt angle
    Elegantes Decanting of big bottles directly into carfe
     or glas using an easy-to-use rotary spindle
•    Clear design, high-quality handmade product. Powdercoated
    steel RAL9005 black structure, moving pieces frosted
    chromed, stable sip protection, stainless
     precision spindle
•    Xi Dekanter M for 3 to 6 litres
•    Xi Dekanter L for 5 to 18 litres
•    Xi Dekanter XL for 15 to 30 litres

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